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SEASONAL: Terror on the Tube!

30th October 2018

The Black Death; The Great Fire of 1666; The failed attempt to blow up the Houses of Parliament; The murderous reign of Jack the Ripper; The flying V bombs…


SEASONAL: Wunderbar!

24th October 2018

Oktoberfest…in Camden!
Here at KOMPAS, we are all partial to a beer or two at the end of the week. Heck, we even have a beer tap in the office…

Through the Lens

THROUGH THE LENS: The Colours of Columbia Road

2nd October 2018

Columbia Road. Best known for the flower market on a Sunday, a cacophony of florists, market stalls, and buyers all crowd into the narrow street to browse the forest…


SEASONAL: London Fashion Week 2018

14th September 2018

The Non-Fashionista’s Guide

When it comes to fashion, my only experience of it has been through endless repeats of Ab Fab on a Sunday afternoon. In my eyes, it’s all…

In Conversation With...

IN CONVERSATION WITH: Violet, The Queen of Soho

24th August 2018

“What would you like to drink?”
“Oh, a Bellini, darling.”

This is my introduction to Violet. At first glance, she looks nothing more than the Nan everyone loves; a genteel…