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City Guide: London

CITY GUIDE LONDON: What to Do in Stoke Newington

22nd February 2018

Affectionately known by residents as ‘Stokey’, Stoke Newington is one of the finest examples of a rough-around-the-edges but quickly gentrifying, delightfully hipster East London neighbourhood. The action here pretty…

The Refreshment Room

THE REFRESHMENT ROOM: The Secret Histories of 5 London Pubs

14th November 2017

Everyone knows that Brits love a pint at the local pub – it’s cosy, atmospheric, and there’s plenty of beer and grub. What’s not to love? London has what…

City Guide: Exeter The Refreshment Room

THE REFRESHMENT ROOM: The Definitive List of the 10 Best Bars in Exeter

19th September 2017

Have you heard the great news? KOMPAS has just launched in Exeter. As our first order of business, we’re here to fill you in on the best bars in Exeter…