Where to Spend a Rainy Day in London

May 22, 2017

British weather is notorious for its severely bipolar conditions; freezing one minute, then the next you wouldn’t look out of place with an ice cream whilst topping up your tan. Let me show you my favourite places to go when the heavens open and suddenly, you need to re-evaluate your plans with a list of where to spend a rainy day in London. 

“Ah, it’s raining again” – The phrase uttered many a time; ruining weekends and those long-awaited plans that were meant to be the hot topic in the office on Monday at lunchtime. It’s a general consensus that when it rains, you stay inside – typically at your/someone’s house playing a board game or watching the television through lack of information or inspiration, yes? Swap the heated family feud that erupts in an intense match of monopoly, and replace it with a far more fun and incredibly less stressful time in the capital, undercover. “But where, Mr Blog Writer Guy!?” – Good question. Let me help you.


Chislehurst Caves

Let’s go ahead and kick things off with the quite spectacular Chislehurst Caves. Yes, you read that right. Caves in Chislehurst, Central London. 22 miles of tunnels dating back as far as 1250! From storage and shelter for each of the WW’s, to the performances of 1960’s music legends, such as; Rolling Stones, David Bowie and Jimi Hendrix. Even Dr.Who had visited here once or twice in his TV shows. A star-studied cave! – Who’d of thought it, eh?

Escape Rooms

It’s not often you’ll find yourself locked away in a chamber (unless of course, you’ve eaten your dad’s last cookie) but with Escape Rooms, you’re in for a real, mind-numbing treat. You’re challenged to escape Pharaoh Khufu’s chamber within 60 minutes. If you fail to work through a series of riddles, codes and puzzles to get out, you risk being “cursed forever and sucked into Khufu’s tomb to act as his guards for eternity”. – That last bit doesn’t sound particularly appealing to me, so I would get my behind out of their sharpish!

Queens Ice and Bowl

Hit up Queens Ice and Bowl and settle that friendly dispute of who can knock down the most pins and fall over the least while combining ice skating and bowling!If you’re looking for an all-in-one entertainment venue, Queens Ice and Bowl is the one. With 50,000 square feet of ice skating, bowling, karaoke, bar and video arcade, it’s a great place for families to bring restless children. The venue also boasts its freshly made Italian ice cream alongside a variety of other popular and house-made meals to fill you up after a long day of fun-filled activities. – Lots of fun for kids, young and old!

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