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PRESS RELEASE: City Exploration App Launches in Liverpool Showcasing Independent Businesses and Hidden Locations

October 11, 2017



London-based city-exploration startup, KOMPAS, has just launched in Liverpool. By combining the local expertise of city residents with machine learning-powered personalisation, KOMPAS is providing a new way of exploring Liverpool. Whether you’re craving a snack on a night out or looking for the perfect place to take a date, KOMPAS will recommend the best places around you to find exactly what you’re looking for.

The launch in Liverpool comes as part of the company’s partnership with train operating company London Midland Trains. Together, the two are working to promote cities in the U.K. as travel destinations. This is an unusual move, with travel businesses generally expanding to major European capitals rather than under-the-radar cities like Liverpool, Birmingham and Manchester. KOMPAS’ Head of Growth, Daniel Johnson, says ‘we believe it’s a missed opportunity for U.K. startups to ignore British cities outside London. We’d like to promote our own U.K. cities as fantastic destinations for travellers, and help their local businesses thrive.’

Combatting the decline of independent businesses is one of the main missions of the company. Co-founder and CEO Tom Charman describes KOMPAS as working to ‘promote the incredibly diverse local and independent stores, restaurants, bars, cafes, and other great businesses which don’t have the marketing budget of multinational corporations.’ KOMPAS was established in 2015, after the founding team realised that there was a huge opportunity, believing that the market had lost touch with their customers, who were placing increasing demand on tailored, and personalised experiences.

Since then, they’ve gone on to raise a round of angel investment, and have won multiple awards for their innovation in travel and technology, with all of the founding team recently being highlighted as entrepreneurs to watch by Recently, KOMPAS won the Visa Everywhere Initiative and a partnership with the payments giant; been featured as one of the top 500 deep-tech companies in the world by Hello Tomorrow, and was named as one of the hottest travel startups of 2017 by The Europas. They’ve also just been accepted onto Creative Destruction Labs, one of the world’s leading AI accelerators in Toronto, Canada, for their use of deep learning in the mobile application.

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