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  • Read our latest interview, this week with the incredible Mexican-American street artist Isa, who has brought her unique style to the streets of London for the very first time! Find out more - with other similar interviews - at #streetart #urbanart #graffiti #diadelosmuertos #artist #art #womenwhopaint #streetartlondon #KOMPASfound
  • January. It's a month of bare bank balances, post-Christmas blues, the cold, the wet, and the struggle of trying to keep up with your New Year's Resolutions... Well, we here at KOMPAS are all for making January as bearable as possible, which can only mean one thing: PIZZA!

With the plethora of Pizzerias in London we have taken it upon ourselves to conduct a BATTLE OF THE SLICE to try and find the best pizza in London. It's a hardship, we know, but we'll take one for the team. 
Stay tuned while we conduct our research, and if you have any suggestions of who else we should add to our list of competitors in the meantime, let us know in the comments below! (Many thanks to @wandercrust_ldn for kicking things off with a spectacular Speck e Rucola and Margherita. You have set the bar high!) #pizza #pizzaslice #pizzatime #pizzalover #woodfiredoven #KOMPASfound
  • Come and be dazzled at the Winter Lights Festival at Canary Wharf. Explore the immersive art installations around the station, or head to the ground floor of Cabot Square for an angelic selfie... #winterlights #immersiveart #neonlights #canarywharf #art #london #KOMPASfound
  • The Flop-o-meter... part of our Battle of the Slice judging criteria for KOMPAS’ favourite pizza in London!Huge thanks to @wandercrust_ldn for the two masterpieces tonight. Watch this space, coming soon... #pizza #pizzaslice #pizzaandbeer #pubpizza #battleofthepizza

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Through the Lens

THROUGH THE LENS: Trent Country Park

3rd January 2019

You’re not alone in sniggering every time the tube tannoy announces the next train to Cockfosters…Yet how many of you have actually travelled to the end of the Piccadilly Line? Believe it or not, this part of London is home to ancient woodland once mentioned in the Domesday Book of 1086 and favoured hunting ground of C14th King Henry IV. Named after the Italian city of Trento, it was King George III in 1777 who so-named the country park upon bequeathing it to his doctor, Sir Richard Jebb, for saving his brother – the Duke of Gloucester – in Italy. Now a conservation area, the 320-hectare Trent Country Park is home to woodland, an equestrian centre, farmland, and a golf club as well as Trent Country House.

Experience some fresh air while meandering through ancient avenues of lime trees, ornamental lakes, and a stunning water garden. Beware if you stumble across Camlet Moat, however; thought to have originally housed a lodge for the Keeper of the Chase in the 1320s, it has been suggested that the moat’s main use was probably defensive, the lodge being used to detain those who broke the stringent Royal forest laws. It is said that the ghost of Geoffrey De Mandeville, Early of Sussex and Constable of the Tower of London, has haunted the Moat since the C12th following his arrest and subsequent death for treason. Keep a look out for the well within which he hid his treasure, which has yet to be found…



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