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  • January. It's a month of bare bank balances, post-Christmas blues, the cold, the wet, and the struggle of trying to keep up with your New Year's Resolutions... Well, we here at KOMPAS are all for making January as bearable as possible, which can only mean one thing: PIZZA!

With the plethora of Pizzerias in London we have taken it upon ourselves to conduct a BATTLE OF THE SLICE to try and find the best pizza in London. It's a hardship, we know, but we'll take one for the team. 
Stay tuned while we conduct our research, and if you have any suggestions of who else we should add to our list of competitors in the meantime, let us know in the comments below! (Many thanks to @wandercrust_ldn for kicking things off with a spectacular Speck e Rucola and Margherita. You have set the bar high!) #pizza #pizzaslice #pizzatime #pizzalover #woodfiredoven #KOMPASfound
  • Come and be dazzled at the Winter Lights Festival at Canary Wharf. Explore the immersive art installations around the station, or head to the ground floor of Cabot Square for an angelic selfie... #winterlights #immersiveart #neonlights #canarywharf #art #london #KOMPASfound
  • The Flop-o-meter... part of our Battle of the Slice judging criteria for KOMPAS’ favourite pizza in London!Huge thanks to @wandercrust_ldn for the two masterpieces tonight. Watch this space, coming soon... #pizza #pizzaslice #pizzaandbeer #pubpizza #battleofthepizza

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In Conversation With...


4th January 2019


Inspired by optical illusion and geometric shapes, these bold and daring ceramic works are products of London-based artist Camilla Webb Carter. Having studied ceramics at Camberwell College of Art her studio was set up in 2011, from where she not only produces works for public display and for private collections, but she also runs pottery workshops and courses. Her works include modular wall installations, and freestanding or hanging vessels, her signature being the intricate marbled surface designs seen on much of her work.


Where did your passion for ceramics come from?

Fortunately, I did it at school and I had a really nice art teacher, GCSE I think. Actually she wasn’t that nice, but she really pushed me! So I did loads of organic stuff and just got really into it from there. Then I did A-Level with ceramics followed by an art foundation during which I didn’t do any ceramics, so I had a bit of a gap for four years. Then I decided I wanted to go back to it and so completed a degree at Camberwell Art School.



You produce some unusual shapes not really seen in the ceramics world; where does your inspiration for your geometric pieces come from?

I don’t know how it came about… I’m not into maths really. Probably architecture, and seeing Bridget Riley in the Tate Modern and Tate Britain. So yeah, patterns and making them into 3D ceramics. Actually London has a lot of other ceramicists and potters and lots of really great shows, so I just go to them as well. The art galleries as well – it’s got so much.



Where are your favourite places in London? (This can include your studio!)

Well, I’m not sure about work, I do love it in here [in the studio], just to have time to myself. But if not, it generally revolves around food, getting coffees… Maltby Street Market – I love a jaunt around there… and walking everywhere in London, through the parks and buildings and across the river.



Any particular favourite park?

Burgess Park, probably. Or South Bank. South London! Because I live in South London, I’m perhaps biased.


A big thank you to Camilla Webb Carter for speaking to us. You can check out her website here.



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