Mark Kiner


ADVENTURES: The 5 Best Travel Apps You Absolutely Must Have

15th January 2018

Travelling is challenging, especially if you don’t have the right tools. You’re new to a city, and you have absolutely no idea how much anything should cost, where to…

Keeping up with NAVA

KEEPING UP WITH KOMPAS: We’re Crowdfunding!

18th December 2017

Phew… What an eventful year it’s been. In 2017, we’ve launched the KOMPAS app on iOS and Android, expanded to 6 cities, and grown our user base from zero…

City Guide: Berlin

CITY GUIDE BERLIN: Is Kreuzberg Exclusively for Hipsters?

16th November 2017

At this point, Kreuzberg is pretty infamous for its counterculture: hip bars, pubs, restaurants, and more. It’s pretty much set the gold standard for a hipster neighbourhood. Every edgy…

City Guide: Birmingham The Food Diaries

THE FOOD DIARIES: Don’t miss Birmingham’s tasty new restaurant openings

8th November 2017

Birmingham’s food scene is a constantly expanding one, with new restaurants popping up all the time. We’re obviously really happy about it, with all the cool new places to…

City Guide: Exeter The Food Diaries

THE FOOD DIARIES: The 10 Dishes You Have to Try While in Exeter

31st October 2017

With autumn in full swing and winter on its toes, we all need something to cheer us up and carry us over to spring. For team KOMPAS, that something…