Julia Larsen

KOMPAS x Outdoors Munich

This Week’s Outdoorsy Pick: Munich 1972 Summer Olympic Regatta

April 29, 2017

With a length of about 2 km, there is a wonderful water basin left over from the 1972 Olympic summer games. The place is, however, fully in use with various…


A Modern Paradise in Inner City Munich

March 30, 2017

Look at the photo — clear blue water surrounded by green, a man entering in his red bathing panties — where could this be? If you guessed it’s within…


Using Big Brushes: Learning from the Best

March 22, 2017

Even more meditative than educational was the experience of visiting Yani Wang’s atelier in the Munich’s West-End. It was not until she presented us with a newspaper exempt about…


Dan Zakai on the Future of Start-ups and Co-Working

February 17, 2017

Mindspace is a co-working space concept and reality originally founded in 2014 by Dan Zakai and Yotam Alroy. The concept is to offer stylish and cooporation-friendly office space to…


Bavarian Multi-Purpose Camel Farm

February 1, 2017

A man in lederhosen walking a camel, a high-end executive manager peeking out between the two humps on its back, is not something you would imagine to ever see…