Aidan Parsons


Kimmy Schmidt in Munich

21st February 2019

Ever the optimist despite the awful trauma she’s experienced, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’s eponymous protagonist offers a lesson to us all on how to make the best of things even…

City Guide: Birmingham

CITY GUIDE: Date spots in Birmingham Barbara Cartland would approve of…

13th February 2019
One of Birmingham’s more prolific exports is the famed romance novelist Barbara Cartland. Noted in her lifetime both for holding the world record for most books published in a year (a whopping 26!) and for being one of the bestselling authors of all time, Cartland was a self-proclaimed expert on the amorous – you kind of have to be if you’re going to write over 700 novels on the topic. Born in 1901 in Edgbaston, Birmingham, she would likely be thrilled to see how many spots the city now boasts that are perfectly-suited for the pursuit of romance. If Valentine’s Day has dried up all the inspiration for your love life, here are a few date spots in Birmingham that we’re sure an aficionado like Ms Cartland would approve of. Affairs of the heart are for all year round, after all.