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What is KOMPAS?

KOMPAS is an app for the curious that helps you find unique places to visit based on your personal interests, budget and time with an accompanying business platform supporting the local, independent businesses. We’re a new way to explore the world's cities through innovative technology offering truly tailored recommendations at your fingertips.

Why become an ambassador?

Earn rewards by uncovering hidden gems and referring friends to the application. You can become a trendsetter in your community and help lay the crumbs for fellow adventurers to follow. Whether you're passionate about architecture or a real foodie, join the KOMPAS team to share your city with a growing community of explorers.

Build Your Professional Profile

Learn the ins and outs of management, marketing, and networking by taking a hands-on role developing a young brand

Earn Rewards and Win Prizes

Make the most of your city with free gifts, experiences and event tickets as you spread the word about KOMPAS

Develop Your Personal Network

Join a community of explorers, world travelers and founders, and work on new and cutting-edge technology

Travel The World

Join team trips, visit cities worldwide and help spread the word about the future of city exploration through KOMPAS

Your Skills & Personality

Being an ambassador for KOMPAS, means helping people find new places to explore. It's about having fun, and motivating people to think outside the box, and try new places around the city that they live in. To do that you'll need some of the skills and characteristics below.


  • Networking
  • Leading
  • Community Building
  • Gathering Feedback


  • Personable
  • Determined
  • Passionate
  • Curious
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